mixed reality development

Mixed reality (MR) also goes by the name Extended Reality (XR) and combine digital and biological realities regardless of technology. Mixed reality includes a variety of hardware and software solutions, including sensory interfaces, applications, and infrastructures, that enable content creation for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), cinematic reality (CR), and more. Haptiq use these tools to generate new forms of reality by bringing digital objects into the physical world and bringing physical world objects into the digital world.

AR and VR glasses and HMDs such as HoloLens, Oculus, Vive and MagicLeap are developing rapidly and costs are coming down, but these visualization tools are only as good as the content they display. This is where Haptiq comes in. We can make any idea come alive. Only the imagination sets the limit. 

MR technologies have applications in almost every industry, such as: architecture, automotive industry, sports training, real estate, mental health, medicine, health care, retail, space travel, design, engineering, interior design, television and film, media, advertising, marketing, libraries, education, news, music, and travel.