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Task-driven Building Simulator

This virtual building simulator provides an efficient way to plan, test, secure and train for task-driven building structures such as hospitals, manufacturing, airports and other structures where important tasks are done by staff and where safety and process is of the utmost importance. The building simulator differs form a digital twin in that the virtual structure contains gamified training programs for staff to learn specific tasks, emergency procedures and locating vital equipment. In addition, there is an administrative setting where staff with access can modify the hospitals interior by accessing equipment and furniture through menus.

Shown here is a building simulator of a hospital built for the Department of Health, and it is a digital twin of a structure currently being built. Version shown here is in VR, but we also developed a prototype in 1:1 size for Hololens 1 which gave a unique walk-through experience. To make the training accessible for all employees we also developed a WebGL version loaded with training modules. The WebGL version gives the uses a game-mode walk-through of the facilities.

There are two main KPIs for the Department of Health project.

  1. Reduce the time the building stands un utilixzed due to traing and security measures

  2. Improve employee satisfaction when starting work in a new and technologically improved

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