B2B sales tool for Continental Tires in augmented reality - Hololens 1

Sometimes differentiating yourself in the crowded season for product launches in your industry could be reason enough to do something new and never seen before in your industry. That was the starting point for Continental Tires Nordics when launching two new tires for the winter season 2018. They sat down with us what the new possibilities are in the market today. We looked at virtual reality, augmented reality through hand-held devices and Hololens and WebGL. For their optimal use at their launch events Hololens was chosen (we have later developed touch-screen and WebGL versions). Our main challenge with the Hololens 1 technology was getting the black really black and looking like rubber tires even close up. We got so close that even Microsoft stated using this piece to show how good you could make the graphics for Hololens 1.