We develop cutting edge AR / VR environments with true-to-life visuals, animation and engaging interactivity. We help our customers develop big creative ideas anchored in business insight.

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we deliver

Haptiq helps our customers develop big creative ideas anchored in business insight. We deliver cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D environments with true-to-life visuals, animation, engaging interactivity and gamification building on our 25-years of Triple-A gaming experience. These technologies' unique ability to give users a clear and realistic presentation of objects, systems and processes, in infinite scale, enables companies to let their customers experience people, places, products and services that are not physically present.

We are platform agnostic and can develop to the platform or hardware that best suits your display needs – stand-alone applications on handheld devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad – head-mounted devices such as Oculus, HoloLens, Magic Leap – hi-res gamified experiences on touch-screens – or through any browser on any device using WebGL.

Haptiq possess industry leading expertise within digitalization, digital communication platforms and data delivery. We use our knowledge and experience to help our customers grow their business, strengthen their brand, increase sales, and improve service and training. We match great creative and superior gaming quality graphics with next-gen technology and strategic business insight to bring your ideas alive.

To discuss your ideas contact us at: hello@haptiq.no


the secret sauce

Our philosophy on graphics development and 3D optimization stems from our 25-years of Triple-A gaming experience. Through our technical know-how we can maintain sharp true-to-life imagery with a natural frame-rate while allowing the extended reality solutions we build to be shown on multiple platforms. We do this without giving you platform constraints or being plugged into expensive hardware. The solution you receive from us will work in any browser using WebGL technology, on Android, Windows and iOS mobile devices or using more traditional AR/VR glasses or headsets. 

We deliver peace-of-mind and performance on all platforms;

  • Powerful augmented and virtual reality applications that create full-room visually impactful and animated environments through your virtual or augmented reality glasses or headsets: We are hardware agnostic and can build for HoloLens, Oculus, Magic Leap or any other kind of Head Mounted Display (HMD)

  • State-of-the-art AR presentations using smartphones and tablets – Android or Apple: We do not use AR kits. We code everything from scratch. By doing that we can make the virtual environment we create for you available on any platform.

  • Eye-dropping WebGL solutions that gives you the possibility to share the "virtual environments" to a broader audience. Often we create the WebGL solutions out of the code base we developed for the fully virtual or augmented worlds we created for HMDs or iPad Pros. WebGL gives you the platform to share with your customers exciting 3D visualizations of your products, systems or projects. It's a great experience that can be viewed through all web browsers.

Our world-class gaming experience means a true-to-life look that enhance the customer experience. Haptiq enables you to better reach your business goals by bringing ideas alive.


extended reality

Extended reality (XR) also goes by the name Cross Reality and combine digital and biological realities regardless of technology. Extended reality includes a variety of hardware and software solutions, including sensory interfaces, applications, and infrastructures, that enable content creation for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), cinematic reality (CR), and more. Haptiq use these tools to generate new forms of reality by bringing digital objects into the physical world and bringing physical world objects into the digital world.

AR and VR glasses and HMDs such as HoloLens, Oculus and MagicLeap are developing rapidly and costs are coming down, but these visualization tools are only as good as the content they display. This is where Haptiq comes in. We can make any idea come alive. Only the imagination sets the limit. 

XR technologies have applications in almost every industry, such as: architecture, automotive industry, sports training, real estate, mental health, medicine, health care, retail, space travel, design, engineering, interior design, television and film, media, advertising, marketing, libraries, education, news, music, and travel.


who we are

Haptiq is a dynamic company with a highly experienced and accomplished team. We have global experience in delivering business generating projects that drive creative, technology and strategy to the next level for leading brands in a multitude of industries

Haptiq inhabits the old turbine room of an old hydro-powered mill in an old industrial part of Oslo, Norway. The waterfall still thunders outside our windows. The turbines are gone, but the power remains in tiny processors that through animation and code let us create cutting-edge extended reality experiences for our customers, and to keep traditions going it is still all sustainably run by hydro power. 

The best strategic and creative work happens when projects are guided by a sound production methodology. At Haptiq we utilize proven project management tools to bring your ideas alive. This allows our thinkers and creators to do what they do best reassured our projects stay on task, deadline and budget -- that, of course, is also reassuring for our customers.

Although we are a young company, we have already delivered successful extended reality solutions to automotive, retail, offshore, shipping and commercial real estate. We enable our customers to visually experience new products, advanced industrial installations and architecture at trade shows, in conference rooms and online using our WebGL optimization technology. We help drive and build business for our customers by bringing --

ideas alive.


in norwegian

Haptiq hjelper kunder med å utvikle nyskapende kreative konsepter forankret i forretningsforståelse. Vår teknologiske og grafiske spiss kompetanse innen utvidet virkelighet, virtuell virkelighet og triple-A gaming gjør at vi kan skape virkelighetsnære 3D opplevelser på aller øverste hylle. De unike kvalitetene innen disse teknologiene gjøre det mulig å gi en realistisk opplevelse av ting, steder, mennesker, produkter, tjenester og systemer i full skala. Dette gir selskaper muligheten til å vise kunder det de tilbyr uansett hva det måtte være om det eksisterer eller ikke. 

Vår utviklingsprosess gjør ditt prosjekt plattform uavhengig så du kan benytte de visningsløsningene som passer din målgruppe best – iPhone eller Android applikasjon på mobil eller nettbrett – AR eller VR briller som Hololens, Magic Leap eller Oculus –høyoppløselig game-type opplevelse på touch-skjermer – eller med WebGL gjennom hvilken som helst nettleser.

Haptiq ble dannet i januar 2018 av en gruppe erfarne kreatører og digitaliseringseksperter som innehar bransje ledende ekspertise innen digitale kommunikasjonsplattformer, 3D animasjon og programmering. Vi bruker vår kunnskap og erfaring til å hjelpe våre kunder vokse, bygge merkevare, øke salg, forsterke servicen og forenkle opplæring. En ideell blanding av nytenkende kreativitet, grafisk animasjon på triple-A gaming nivå sammen med det siste innen teknologi og strategisk forretningsforståelse.




Haptiq – specialist in augmented and virtual reality

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